Dating Workshop & Singles Mixer for Professionals
Newport Beach Tennis Club
Thursday, March 20, 2014


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Join us on March 20th for a dating workshop followed by a singles mixer.

6:30PM: Single Guests Arrive - relax and grab a glass of wine.

6:45PM: Dating Advice Workshop

Men and women split into two groups and attend a discussion lead by Dr. MIchael Arn and Dr. Ashley Arn, husband and wife, as well as dating experts.

7:15PM: Mixer begins.

Try out your newly learned techniques or
get on the dance floor.

More about the discussion:

Did you know that men decide in the first 15 minutes of meeting a woman whether they want a second date with you?  Women decide in the first 25 minutes whether they want a second date with a man. 

One of the reasons dating is so difficult today is because single people have so many other single people to choose from, so people are looking to disqualify or reject someone rather than find their soul mate. Unfortunately, that means that little things you do when you first meet someone can get you rejected without even knowing it.  The worst part is that most people won’t even tell you, they just won’t go on a second date with you!  

We understand that professionals have the least amount of time to waste on dating people that won’t be a good match for them long term! 

This event will offer you a unique experience. Dr. Michael and Dr. Ashley will teach you the biggest mistakes to avoid on a first date, how to stop going on endless first dates that never lead anywhere, and how to attract the right person for you without being someone you’re not. PLUS, you will have an opportunity to mingle with other single professionals and potentially meet your Mr./Mrs. Right that night! If you are single in Orange County you are not going to want to miss this.

Join us to learn more how to avoid falling into negative male/female stereotypes and how to make  an authentic first impression and connection.

RESERVE YOUR SEATS TODAY!  This event will sell out.

About the Drs:

Psychology and Crucial Habits: Helping you find and create Loving, Passionate and Fulfilling Relationships.

If you’re feeling under-appreciated, under-loved or confused by Dating and Relationships you’re in the right place.

We provide expert relationship advice and Individual, couple, marriage and relationship coaching. At these events you will find a wide variety of useful yet concise tips, strategies and resources when it comes to dating and relationships. We offer many free tools, the latest research and the most helpful relationship resources available.

Dr. Ashley Arn and Dr. Michael Arn (yes we’re husband and wife) are the founders Through our own marriage, our families, friends, colleagues, education, experiences, challenges and triumphs we have come to see the power of loving and passionate relationships.

Read and learn more about Drs. Arn at Crucial Habits.